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 For Schools, Churches, Youth Sports Teams and More!

When you Use our Profit Building Methods, you will be able to Accept Credit Card or Debit transactions


  • Average 90% Profit
  • No $ Up-Front
  • No Shipping Cost
  • Unlimited Shelf Life
  • Customizable
  • Not Perishable or Seasonal
  • Interactive
  • Nominal Contribution
  • Accepted By All Age Groups
  • Used by Non-Profit or For Profit Organizations


Causes Cost Currency

The purpose of For-Profit business is to make $$$$$.
Not- For-Profit business has a mission to create change through service. Regardless of the purpose or mission of the business the Cause will Cost.

High profit methods

Covering the Cause

While some organizations have plenty of compassion and general desire to effect change, they have little to no money available for “the cause”.  
Often times they neglect to recognize the business aspect of their operation and generating money becomes an unpleasant fundraising TASK.

Cost of the Cause

Overall, the general cost of operating such as, but not limited to, supplies, equipment, personnel, facility, utility, and other miscellaneous expenses like event fees, advertising, rental cost, etc.Profits are Essentially Needed for Business.

O.P.E.N. for Business

Overall, Profits are Essentially Needed for Business. Using ABC 2 STEP Easy, No Risk Profit Building Strategies and High Profit Methods will help to generate Currency to Cover the Cost of the Cause.

It’s as EASY as ABC…

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