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Effective & Efficient Profit Building Methods for Not-For Profit Groups!

Strategies & Methods for Schools

good options

1. While ABC offers many good options, it is important to Narrow your fundraiser ideas down to two or three that you feel will fit your schools’ culture.

Family participation, high earnings.

2. Make sure to let parents know WHY you need to raise money. When parents know what the funds are for, they may be more likely to support your efforts through Participation. Remember, High Participation, High Earnings!

Earning potential

3. For Best Results, Know Your Target Market. Knowing what your Customers want is important to Earning Potential.

This can be accomplished by getting parents, teachers and students involved in the selection process (surveys, on-line, send home, etc.).

The process of collecting feedback from the participants helps everyone not only feel like they were a part of the process, it helps them feel like part of the Solution.

ABC Fundraising

4. Choose a method that will be easy to manage. Consider easy effective order taking methods like the Candle, Flower or Gourmet Coffee & Travel Mug. Or a High Earning Method like Entertainment Card, Scratch & Help Book, Discount Cards.

Or you might want to use a quick and highly profitable Method like the Pizza Card, Auntie Annes’ Pretzels or a  “Re-Usable Fundraiser” like Spinners®.

By choosing a product where ABC Fundraising® takes care of the work for you and it is easy to sell makes it easier for you, your participants, and your customers.

Fundraising Thermometer

5. Use a Fundraising Thermometer. ​
Fun for students, helpful for you and encouraging for the supporters – ABC Fundraising® offers this great free little tool that you can post on your school website or on Facebook, or anywhere else you want to put the thermometer.

It shows how much money has been raised and how much more needs to be raised, encouraging your supporters to give just a little bit more when they can.

Get your Free Fundraising Thermometer now!