Despite the purpose of the organization, For-Profit organizations and Not-For-Profit organizations operate in the same economic atmosphere

The Cause WILL Cost!​  

Like for-profit businesses it is essential to the success of not-for-profit organizations to generate revenue. 

10 ABC EASY Steps to High Earnings

Are you looking to help your school, community, religious, or sports group efficiently & effectively raise money
for needed resources, supplies, special events, and more?

Using quick and easy Profit Building Methods you can achieve High Earnings with No Start Cost.

Step 1: Motivated Leadership

While some organizations have plenty of compassion and general desire to create change, they have little to no money available to cover the cost of “the cause”. A highly motivated leader will have a profound effect on Participation Level, which is the key factor in successful using any Profit Building Method.

Step 2: Set Goals & Deadlines

Before you start, you should know Goals such as, Why are the Funds needed? How much is needed?   How will they be used? What is the Deadline for generating the Funds?  While ABC2STEP offers many good options, it is important to choose 2 or 3 Profit Building Methods you feel would be effective for your group.

Step 3: For Best Results, Know Your Target Market

Participation is Key. The process of collecting feedback from the Participants on which Profit Building Method to use helps everyone not only feel like they were a part of the Process, it helps them feel like part of the Solution. Knowing what your Customers want is important to Earning Potential.

Step 4: Keep Participants Engaged & Informed

Engagement leads to Participation. Generating revenue becomes more effective, when Leadership Promotes a Culture of Communication with Engaged Participants.

Step 5: Active Engagement Everyone’s A Potential Assets

Some great examples of potential assets are family members, neighbors, local merchants, family, religious and social groups. Make sure everyone is aware of the groups’ Profit Building efforts through verbal, written, and media communication.

Step 6: Simplify the Method

Breaking down participant tasks into small increments of time is an easy way to Encourage them to complete their Profit Building Participation Goals depending on the Method being used.

Step 7: Let ABC2STEP Help! It’s Free

While the needs of every organization are unique to their situations, the flexibility of ABC2STEP Profit Building Methods can efficiently maximize the full potential of the any groups’ efforts. Communication is Key especially at ABC, be sure to utilize the Tips, Resources, and No Cost Profit Building Consultation Services.

Step 8: Getting Started

When choosing a method consider the ease of use, the start cost, and the earning potential.  Maybe you may want to use a High Earning Method like the Community Discount Card, Scratch & Help Book, or the Entertainment Card or a No Start Cost Order Taking Methods that offer upwards of 70% Profit.  Earn extra money on a daily basis with Auntie Anne’s Pretzels or re-Usable, high earning Spinners at special events, practices, and games.

Step 9: Free Fundraising Thermometer

Does your group have a Website or Facebook page? We will provide you with free Goal and Objective Thermometer that you can post on your website or on Facebook, or anywhere else you want to put the thermometer. It shows how much money is needed, how much has been raised, and how much more is needed to meet the goal.

Step 10: Achieve Your Goals

Work with ABC2STEP to create an Economic Plan of Action, Implement Profit Building Strategies to successfully utilize ABC easy Profit Building Methods to complete your Profit Building Goals!